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C o n c e p t
Classic – Ladies Formal Wear (Gowns and Frocks)
Paper Dress – Ladies Evening Gowns
Recycle – Ladies Social Wear
Remake – Wear

C L A S S I C  – Ladies formal wear– (Gowns and Frocks)
For this concept I prefer silk (hand coloured and further processed). Other fine fabrics are also applicable. The cut of this models is based on the „origami“ principle. The structures are designed to make the dress simple, variable and fitting to every figure type. I do inspire myself by the traditional world culture and the aim is also to use fabrics without any waste.   V E R S E    U N I

P A P E R   D R E S S  – Ladies Evening Gowns
or „one-day-dress“ as the name says is a collection of ladies one day dresses for an occasion, e.g. Wedding. These models comprise procession of less exclusive fabrics, such as Nonwoven Fabric or paper. I hold the opinion that it is no use to waste luxurious fabrics for a dress, used only for a one day occasion.   P A P E R    D R E S S

R E C Y C L E – Ladies Social Wear
I am using and processing used and second hand textile articles as a basic design and production raw material. I use t-shirts, shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts to bed cloths or curtains as the shape and material potential of these articles. How can a secondary initial material influence through its character the final design   see     K A R N E V A L    Z    H A D R Ů

R E M A K E  – Wear
I do stress in my work ecodesign and creativeness. I am using basic principles of the human wear as a space of communication of a human being towards the society. please see   R E M A K E